Memorial Day 2023


The Battles of Lexington and Concord


On this Memorial Day, 2023, we honor the first soldiers who gave their lives for our country.  Our journey back in time begins in the early hours of April 19, 1775. The first day of The Revolutionary War. 


Paul Revere, William Dawes, and Samuel Prescott brought news that the British were coming. Word spread quickly and soon the colonial militia were assembling in Lexington and Concord to meet the British forces.


The Skirmish on the Lexington Battle Green


As the British approached Lexington, roughly eighty militiamen came out to meet them in a show of colonist determination. The Americans were significantly outnumbered, so they were careful to line up to the side of the British path, rather than block their way. To this day we don’t know who fired the first shot, but we all know the outcome. Eight militiamen lost their lives on the town common. We bow our heads for the men who fell in that first skirmish on the town green in Lexington, MA.

Asahel Porter

Caleb Harrington

Isaac Muzzey

John Brown

Jonas Parker

Jonathon Harrington

Robert Munroe

Samuel Hadley.


The Battle at Concord’s North Bridge


Not long after hearing the gunfire from Lexington, American troops saw smoke rising over Concord. With orders not to fire unless fired upon, a column of militia and minutemen advanced on Concord’s North Bridge, where a hundred British troops waited. There were three shots, followed by a quick, bloody exchange. When the smoke cleared, the Americans had their first victory and the British were on the run. The freedom fighters paid a price for that win. We remember the two brave men who died at the Battle at Concord’s North Bridge.
Captain Isaac Davis
Private Abner Hosmer


The British Retreat


Following their shocking loss at the Concord bridge, British soldiers fell back to their reinforcements and began the long retreat from Concord to Boston. The Americans fought them for the entire return journey, all the way to Charlestown, with one deadly exchange after another. The Battles of Lexington and Concord marked the beginning of the Revolutionary War and the first American victory, but many lives were lost that day. We honor the courageous men who died pursuing the British from Concord.
Abednego Ramsdell
Amos Mills
Asahel Reed
Benjamin Daland
Benjamin Peirce
Daniel Thompson
Daniel Townsend
Ebenezer Goldthwait
Edward Barber
Elias Haven
Elisha Mills
George Southwick
Henry Jacobs
Henry Putnam
Isaac Gardner
Jabez Wyman
James Hayward
James Miller
Jason Russell
Jason Winship
Jedediah Munroe
John Bacon
John Hicks
John Raymond
Johnathon Parker
Johnathan Wilson
Joseph Coolidge
Josiah Haynes
Jotham Webb
Moses Richardwon
Nathaniel Chamberlain
Nathaniel Wyman
Perley Putnam
Reuben Kennison
Samuel Cook
Thomas Hadley
William Polly
William Flint
William Marcy
On Memorial Day we mourn the United States military personnel who died while serving in our armed forces. We celebrate their lives, honor their memories, and thank them for the future they made possible.

Memorial Day

May 29, 2023
BioTriad Environmental, Inc. donates a portion of all sales in the month of May to veteran memorial charities and services.

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