The Bald Eagle

The Symbol of Freedom

Good people, I present the bald eagle. Haliaeetus leucocephalus. Often found on cliff faces, in treetops, and soaring high up in the air, it is a fascinating bird of prey with an unmistakable white head. The bald eagle is a spiritual symbol for Native Americans and the national bird of the United States.


The Emblem of Justice

For many the bald eagle is the symbol of strength, courage, wisdom, and justice.

It is a magnificent raptor that any nature and wildlife enthusiast would be happy to see.

Another Conservation Success


Bald eagles were once in grave danger, with populations in the wild greatly reduced. In many areas the species was teetering on the edge of nonexistence. They were disappearing from hunting, lead poisoning, pesticide poisoning, getting hit by cars, and a number of other factors.

After a series of protection and conservation laws, the bald eagle population has rebounded. They are now seen often in skies where they had been missing for decades. The survival of this fine species is another conservation success and a reminder to be diligent in our environmental studies.

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Nature and the Environment

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