World Animal Day


Get Goated!


For this year’s installment of World Animal Day, we celebrate the silliest, cuddliest, most mischievous animals on Earth. Meet the goats who were goated before goating was cool. Or hot. Fire. Whatever. GOATS! 


Rock On!


These are the original headbangers, with rattled brains and twisted minds to prove it!

Just don’t get too close. Getting headbutted isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.



Goats are highly intelligent, curious, rambunctious little buggers with a craving for fun and a knack for getting in trouble.
They love to climb and chew just about anything they can find.

Goats were landscaping thousands of years before lawn mowing was a thing.

We use goat milk to make all sorts of things like butter, cheese, and soap!

Goats are social animals, but their destructive nature can make them difficult pets.

These cute fellas are high on life!

Because there’s nothing wrong with being a little goofy.

World Animal Day

October 4, 2023
Support Animal Rights.

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