Desert Bighorn Sheep

The Desert Bighorn

On this fine Nevada Day, 2023, we celebrate an animal that needs no introduction in the Silver State, the impressive Desert Bighorn Sheep.
The Desert Bighorn (Ovis canadensis nelsoni) is a stocky heavyweight that can traverse jagged mountains with great speed and agility.

Getting to Know Them

These Bighorn Beauties are large muscular beasts with handsome chocolate brown fur, massive curved horns, and a rugged personality.

They like arid climates and long dangerous climbs on cliffs and steep hills with treacherous terrain.

Hobbies include bashing heads, resting in the shade, and just chilling with the herd.

Desert bighorn sheep prefer habitats with steep slopes, rocky cliffs, canyons, and desert mountains. They graze on grasses, phorbs, and shrubbery.

Desert Bighorn Sheep were on the verge of extinction in many regions but are making a comeback thanks to protection and preservation efforts. Nevada’s impressive state animal is a fine example of success in environmental conservation.

Nevada Day

October 27, 2023
Be Conservation-Minded, People!

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