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BioTriad is a leading manufacturer and supplier of air pollution control products for municipal, industrial, and commercial applications.

We believe clean air is extremely important and are committed to maintaining the highest level of quality for our air pollution control systems.

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At BioTriad, we back up our quality air purification equipment with superior equipment design, reliable service crews, and a skilled technical support team that’s got your back. Our extensive line of standard air pollution control equipment comes with the option for full customization to fit varying needs. We’re here to help, so give us a call! Phone: 888-OK-TRIAD.




Our advanced systems are built to last and engineered to provide years of reliable operation in even the harshest of environments.

We back up our quality air purification equipment with the best warranty in the industry.


A Lot to Choose From


BioTriad Environmental, Inc. has an air pollution control line that is constantly expanding. Here are our more common solutions:

Air Scrubbers remove contaminants through chemical reactions.  Wet scrubbers use a water-based solution, while dry scrubbers use a solid chemically impregnated media.

Biological Air Filters remove contaminants through microbial activity.  Contaminants adhere to a biological film and are digested.

Carbon Filters remove contaminants through adsorption; the air pollutants become trapped in the pores of activated carbon.

Particulate Collectors and Mist Eliminators to remove solids and liquids from the air.


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ScrubDry Air Scrubbers

Compact Air Purification Systems

CSVSB Single Media Bed Series

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Have It Your Way


BioTriad’s air pollution control systems can be constructed from aluminum, fiberglass, polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, stainless steel, and epoxy-coated carbon steel, depending on your specific needs.  We offer portable systems that are either skid-mounted or trailer-mounted, for your convenience.  Short-term rental units and long-term leases are available.

There is a wide variety of add-ons and accessories engineered for use with our air systems, including dust filters, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, temperature regulators, ductwork, and tank covers.

Our air scrubbing chemistry, microbiological solutions, and virgin activated carbon is among the industry’s elite in terms of initial and ultimate contaminant removal capacity.  We offer products for a wide variety of uses, with systems designed for broad spectrum removal as well as media that target specific contaminants and custom blends.

BioTriad’s field installation and maintenance services offer an extra level of assurance that you can depend on.  We strive to provide the best possible solution for each specific project with the highest level of field support.

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Feel free to contact us anytime with questions or comments pertaining to our air pollution control products.  We’ll work with you to develop the treatment plan you’re looking for.  We understand how important clean air is and are here when you need us.  Anytime.  Day or night.

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