Duro Trader Listing:  ScrubDry Dry Air Scrubber

Model:  BEI SD-12000-SVDB-3-2020
Condition:  Refurbished
Air Flow: 12,000 cfm
Equipment Package for Sale:  $ 91,975
Description: BioTriad has for sale one of our ScrubDry model BEI SD-12000 SVDB scrubber systems. 
The ScrubDry model BEI SD-12000 SVDB is a single vessel – dual internal carbon media bed scrubber designed to remove atmospheric odor compounds, corrosive gases and hazardous air pollutants.
Overview: ScrubDry SVDB Scrubbing Systems are extremely effective in the removal of numerous air contaminants with high flow ratings.
This system is designed to be utilized with activated carbon and/or dry scrubbing media.
BioTriad manufactures many different types of particulate collectors that may be implemented before the fan and scrubber vessel.
ScrubDry units don’t require chemicals, pumps, or liquids of any kind; water and sewer connections are not needed.
Available for purchase, short and long term rentals, and supply programs.
Supply Programs combine equipment use and media with several levels of service and field support.
  • Industrial Exhaust Streams
  • Leachate Treatment Plants
  • Petrochemical Facilities
  • MSW & Grease Process
  • Sewer Collection Systems
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
Equipment Package Includes: One (1) ScrubDry Scrubber System – model BEI SD-12000 SVDB (3-2020) with the following:
  1. Aluminum scrubber vessel with dual internal media bed setup.  Scrubber is a lateral design with incoming air flowing into the middle of the unit. Vessel dimensions = approximately 20′ L x 8’ W x 10’ H.   Inlet & outlet are approximately 24” x 48” rectangular shape with 2” flange hook-up.  Scrubber has two (2) internal carbon media bed locations = the upper and lower beds. Vessel shall hold approximately 694 ft3 of carbon media, bed depth: approximately 30” per bed.
  2. Fan / motor, stand and sound / weather cover setup.  Cincinnati Fan, Model # HDBI-270, 12,000 cfm @ 8 in wg.  25 hp electric TEFC motor, 230-460/3/60, wash down / inverter duty.  Aluminum stand to elevate fan to blow directly into center inlet of vessel.  Aluminum sound reduction / weather cover for fan/motor setup.
  3. VFD Electrical control panel.  NEMA 4 panted steel enclosure, dimensions 30 x 24 x 10, 460/3/60 power requirement.  Door interlocked thermal magnetic  C/B, 50A.  25 HP VFD 460/3/60 with door mounted operator interface 4 to 20 mA compatible.  On-Off switch, Green run light and top weather cover (if needed).
Approximate weights: Fan/motor/stand/cover 2000 lbs, Panel 100 lbs and ScrubDy vessel without carbon 9,000 lbs 
BioTriad is a manufacturer of particulate collectors. BioTriad recommends implementing our VortexMAC particulate collector (PC) prefilter setup before the fan and ScrubDry vessel (BEI SD-12000 SVDB system). Quote required.
Option 1: Model # BEI-VortexMAC_WPMP series
The WPMP VortexMAC particulate collector is rectangular in shape, gasketed top & side access ports for servicing of internal packing & mesh pad. Dimensions depends on the application. 
Collector will have washable / usable poly packing media and poly pads, to help slow the air flow and collect particulate. PC is constructed of aluminum and equipped with a 2” drain port setup.
Option 2: Model # BEI-VortexMAC_ESBF series
The ESBF VortexMAC particulate collector is rectangular in shape, gasketed top & side access ports for servicing of internal filter. Dimensions depends on the application. Collector will have a disposable extended surface bag filter, to help slow the air flow and dust & collect particulate. PC is constructed of aluminum and equipped with a 2” drain port setup.

The ScrubDry SVDB series are designed for high flow projects needing a large amount of carbon media in a relatively compact unit to remove odor compounds, corrosive gases and hazardous air pollutants.

Rear View of ScrubDry Vessel

End View of ScrubDry Vessel

ScrubDry inlet and outlet ports are middle side wall low profile setups. The vessel is equipped with side wall & top hatches, for quick & easy servicing

Rear View of ScrubDry Vessel

Side view illustration of air flow through scrubber

How it Works…
ScrubDry SVDB Scrubbing Systems utilize one or two layers of media per bed and will implement different types of media, based on the treatment required:  Activated Carbon (Coal, Coconut shell and Wood),  Impregnates (potassium permanganate and others available).
Contaminated air is forced through the media within the dual bed scrubber.
Contaminates will adhere to the activated carbon and become electrostatically trapped in the surface pores. Reaction within impregnates will irreversibly change contaminated gases into harmless solids

ScrubDry Air Purification Scrubber System

Model # BEI SD-12000 SVDB
BioTriad is NOT responsible for the following:
All local /city /state permits – if required, Any & all installation, Electrical supply and connections, Equipment landing pad. All breaching and modifications: Building, landing pad, walkway, wall, tank, road and parking lot
All pickup hoods, duct work and fastens to & from ScrubDry system
BioTriad may offer a freight quote. Location address is needed. End user must provide a crane to off-load.
Equipment Warranty…
All BioTriad proposed and provided equipment agreement comes with a one (1) year 100% parts only warranty. 
All service and maintenance of the equipment is the responsibility of the purchaser / facility and a documented maintenance log must be provided in order to be eligible for any warranty items.  
BioTriad disclaims all liability for damage to its equipment through improper use, installation, and maintenance/neglect intentionally or otherwise.  
As a service offering, BioTriad may periodically schedule a site visit to inspect the equipment and ensure all design parameters are being met. Quote may be given based on application location 
For any issues, please call Warren Planker (239-357-7783) at BioTriad Environmental Inc.
Orders: Please email to [email protected] & [email protected] 
Payment Terms: 50% down payment with signed proposal, signed drawings and purchase order # 
         50% payment 30 days before ship date 
Please send signed paperwork, PO# and payments to: 
BioTriad Environmental Inc.
11 Foundry Street, Suite 109
Stroudsburg, PA 18360
Please review all the following items listed above. If you have any requests, questions &/or comments, please contact me anytime (Warren Planker, Cell# 239-357-7783). Thank you for your time and the opportunity to serve you
Proposal is valid for 30 days.


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