It’s In The Air


Odor control has become a critical aspect of many municipal and industrial business sectors, and the trend continues to grow.

Plant managers want a comfortable environment for their employees and pleasant air for their neighbors. 

At BioTriad, we strive to take the worries out of odor treatment. 

Odor Control Specialists


We specialize in odor control, with the most extensive line of innovative chemistry and delivery equipment in the industry.

Our team of odor control experts has been involved with thousands of successful odor control applications.

A Growing Concern


Odor control has become a growing concern for many municipal and industrial facilities in recent times. Residential developments have brought neighbors closer to the odor sources while legislation has made odor control a necessity. Many managers who have had minimal experience with odor control are finding that they must act quickly to mitigate odor complaints. 

A Unique Approach


At BioTriad, we recommend operational modifications as a first line of defense. Change how you operate your processes to reduce malodor emissions before spending valuable resources.

If you still have malodors after optimizing your operations, then it’s time to implement specialty odor control technologies.

We’re Here to Help


BioTriad is here to help.  We manufacture the most extensive line of odor control equipment and products with a success rate that is second to none.  Our team of experts specializes in engineering odor control plans that get the job done right.  Whether you need an odor scavenger or inhibitor, a biofilter, carbon filter, air scrubber, or odor neutralization system, we can design a system that works for you.

Odor Control Experience


BioTriad Environmental, Inc. has an expert staff with decades of experience in the treatment of fugitive nuisance odor emissions.

Our odor control team has been involved with thousands of successful odor control applications. 

We approach every project with the same goal: find the best possible solution, not the most profitable solution.

Emergency Response


Sewage main burst?  Solid waste landslide?  Wastewater tank overflow?  Whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered.  We welcome emergency projects that require rapid response time, with a full line of rental equipment for long and short term odor control projects.  From carbon filters and air scrubbers to skid and trailer mounted neutralization systems, we’re ready.


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Feel free to contact us anytime with questions or comments pertaining to our odor control line.  We’re here for your troublesome odor control projects that have been difficult to solve.  We understand how important a subject odor control can be and are here when you need us.  Anytime.  Day or night.

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