Who We Are

At BioTriad our employees are our foundation; our goal is to provide them with a high quality of life while they deliver outstanding performance.  Together we work hard to provide our customers with top-notch goods and services at an affordable price. 



What We Do

We manufacture durable equipment and quality chemistry while providing superior technical support and service excellence.  Above all, we strive for workplace safety, environmental safety, and the highest level of effectiveness.




We know what it takes to make durable equipment for industrial use. Take premium grade corrosion-resistant materials. Engineer the systems for maximum performance with minimal downtime. And fabricate using the best sustainable manufacturing practices. Bam!


Safety & Efficacy


What’s more important than the highest level of effectiveness? Environmental and workplace safety. Why not shoot for all three? Choose premium ingredients from sustainable resources, formulate with innovative science, and deliver a product that gets the job done right.


Top-Notch Support


Where do you turn when you aren’t sure of the best solution for your project? What if you just spent a boatload of money on an upgrade that doesn’t work? Or perhaps you want a second opinion, just to be certain? Call us in and see what makes our technical support the best.



Service Excellence

Nobody likes downtime, but it often comes when your shorthanded.  When you need to get a job done fast and done right, we’re here for you.  BioTriad provides service excellence with rapid response time and results you can count on.

Questions and Comments…


Have questions about our innovated products or trusted services?   Is there a project you would like to discus?   Comments?   Recommendations?   Feel free to contact us anytime.

Warren Planker, Sales Manager
Cell: 239-375-7783
[email protected]

Christopher Planker, Technical Manager
Cell: 570-236-5620
[email protected]

Melissa Lynn, Customer Service
Cell: 570-730-0186
[email protected]

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